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Mick has 18 years of success selling homes in Albuquerque.

Phone: 505.228.1500
I am experienced at helping you with your mortgage, and can advise you on buying, selling, and improving properties.

19 Years in Real Estate
I know everyone in the Albuquerque Real Estate community and work with numerous repeat clients and their referrals. I have learned over the years to listen to my client’s needs, so when they decide on a home, they always know I’'m there to take care of them.

Experience Counts
Non-referred clients contact me through Real Estate websites. They need the assurance that only comes from knowing the people working for them are well-qualified.

I keep current on the latest mortgage programs and mortgage rates. My experience helps put you in the perfect mortgage and the perfect home.

I spend considerable time staying familiar with the types of properties and locations available on the Albuquerque market. I know what my clients want. I devote so much time watching the local market, and I match my clients’ needs so well, that most clients buy one of the first five homes that I show them.

I don’t just sit around after I list a house… hoping. I aggressively find buyers. I have cultivated great working relationships with many other Albuquerque realtors. I list homes every possible place that I can:

Google          Yahoo          MSN
Lycos           LiveDeal           Windows Live Expo
Realtor.com           SouthWest MLS           Craig’s List

...and many more!!!

Your home won’t just sit on the market.

I am an investor. I Know the marketplace. I can look at potential investment properties and identify resaleability and potential. I know where to buy.

Since 1991, I have been flipping homes and have helped dozens of investors successfully buy, renovate, and sell investment properties. My expert assistance includes all aspects of flipping a house:

» Selecting the Right Property at the Right Price
» Design
» Construction Management
» Pricing
» Staging
» Selling

Client Protection
I won’t let you buy a Bad House…but finding the Right House is the Easy part. After you Buy or Sell, I can Help you Reduce Liability and other Associated Risks.

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